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"I’ve been with Jill for awhile. When we first started working together I was coming off an injury and doing zero speed/tempo work. Thanks to Jill we have been slowly and safely building back my speed and endurance while staying injury free.

She has been so supportive, honest and professional! I love all my workouts! When I have a question or comment about my workout she is right there with an answer. She has also helped me choose upcoming races. I’m lucky to have found such a wonderful coach! Jill is the real deal!!"

- Christie F.

"Jill is the best! Since starting to work with her almost a year ago I have PRd in every distance, have had my first properly paced half marathon, and have gained the confidence to give the marathon distance a try next spring. She is focused on keeping me strong and healthy for the long term, and is full of good advice and support.

Jill's extensive marathon and Boston Marathon experience and success is a real asset in a coach. I'm so excited to see what the future holds for Jill's new business and for me as a runner with her coaching."

- Kim O.

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